Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Rocks and Boulders

We decided to have a terrain making night at Village Games in Anoka, MN in preparation for our upcoming Song of Blades and Heroes campaign.  The plan was to do two things that were quick and easy.  The first of these were large rocks and boulders.

We started off with some tree bark garden filler.  Many of these pieces look like slate and other kinds of rock.  It just needs paint.  Some of the pieces were cut, smashed and broken up to create different shapes.  Many of the pieces were cut in half with a saw, and then the cut was sanded flat to allow the bark to stand upright.


Once our rock formations were created they were laid out on corrugated cardboard and traced around.  These shapes were then cut out to be used as bases for our rocks.  Masking tape was applied to the edges to cover the corrugations, and white glue was used to attach the bark to the bases.  Small pebbles were glued down around the base of the bark as well.

Once the glue was dry the pieces were primed black with spray paint.  We picked one of the worst times to do this; it was dark and cold,  and it was in the middle of a very windy, heavy snowfall.  I would never prime miniatures in this weather, but as this was going to be drybrushed terrain I was not as concerned.  The coverage was OK, but the tape on a few of the piece got wet and began peeling up. 

This is as far as we were able to get.  Once the pieces are painted and based there will be more pictures.

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