Thursday, December 24, 2009

Rough Ground

Rough going represents terrain that is hard to move through and fight in, but does not block line of sight.

These templates are made of foamcore. On three of the pieces the edges were cut at an angle to make a smoother transition from terrain to tabletop. The largest piece was left with the edges squared. The edges were taped to protect the exposed foam. Smaller templates were made from thin cardboard as well with the edges masked off as usual.

Small stones were glued in piles on the foamcore templates with white glue. Large glass-type fragments (for fish aquariums) were glued onto the smaller templates in piles.

The rocks were painted black and drybrushed from dark grey to white, except for the large template. The large templates were based in a light brown.

Static grass was glued onto the templates; the larger templates recieving two applications.

The seperatly- based rock piles are placed on the templates to fill them out, but are easily moved around for the placement of troops.

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