Thursday, December 3, 2009

Feed Store

This building is an O scale train set building I picked up on Ebay for little money. It is supposed to be a train station, but I bought it without the platform. I call it a Feed Store now because when I added the loading dock it reminded me of a place I'd seen a long time ago that sold animal feed in bulk. Click pictures for larger views.

The kit came assembled in the mail. Whoever assembled this thing must have gotten into a fight with the glue bottle and lost; there was glue everywhere on the inside of the building, and to top it off some of the assembly was done with hot glue. Certainly not my first choice for assembling plastic models.

This building had no floor. I traced the shape of the interior of the building on a piece of foam core and cut it out. The floor was then glued in place with hot glue. Still not my first choice, but it seemed it would bond to the foamcore/ plastic better than superglue or white glue.

The glue was cleaned up a bit from the windows and doorframes and the doors were removed so they could be hinged. The doors had tabs that were used to glue them to the walls. These were removed. A length of floral wire was cut and glued along the hinged edge of the doors. A scrap piece of foamcore was glued above each door. The wire "hinge" was then jammed into the foamcore floor and piece above the door. The doors open and close nicely.

The platform is made of balsa wood. Sections of balsa were cut to the size needed and then they were scored with the point of a file every 1/4" to simulate indivual boards on the walkway. This was also done on the exposed outside edge. Chopsticks were glued to the bottom side to support the length of the walkway. The legs of the platform are also chopsticks cut to length. The front steps and ramp are more balsa wood.

The building and walkway were painted seperatly and assembled afterward. The platform was stained with brown ink, then drybrushed dark brown , brown and light brown. The building was spray primed black. The exterior was drybrushed from brown to tan to Antique White. The doors were painted yellow and drybrushed up. The interior walls are Antique White and the floor is light grey. the roof was given a coat of textured paint to give it an asphalt shingle look, then drybrushed dark grey to light grey. The chimney was drybrushed Boltgun Metal and given a rust treatment with a bit of Burnt Sienna.

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