Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ruin #4

This is the first ruin created for the "I'm too lazy to make a full-blown city" city board. This piece is made from 1" thick blue insulation foam. Click images for larger views.

This is the largest of the six ruins, taking up the entire 12" x12" double corrugated cardboard base with the edges covered with masking tape to hide the corrugations.

The two tallest walls were cut to their full size and then windows measured out and cut out with a sharp razor blade. The lines seen on the outside walls are actually from measuring the windows. I figured they gave the building some personality and did not fill them. The shorter walls were made from offcuts of foam. Once the windows were cut the walls were distressed with a razor blade for large chunks and ruined wall sections and a blunt pencil edge for the small holes. Lots and lots of small holes.

**Tip: Small holes are hard to paint the inside of. If you make them, be patient with your painting!.

Chunks of foam and sprue rubble were added throughout for debris.

The piece was painted up the same as Ruin #2, complete with the stupid Japanese stickers.

This building is completely concrete and fairly plain.

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