Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Fences and Walls

Fences and walls are handy terrain pieces for breaking up line of site and directing enemy units into firing lanes. Here are some items I purchased that were made for Christmas dioramas that work great for 28mm wargaming. Click pictures for a larger view.

These fences are Lemax White Rail Fences. Only a small selection of what I have is pictured. I was debating to repaint them in a natural color, but decided to leave them in the white paint they came in. There are also two pieces with swining gates in them. The only thing I had to do with them is remove the "Made in China" stickers from their feet. Leaving the fences as is and unbased allows me to use them in any terrain I may want to.

These are Lemax Colonial Stone Walls. They are made for a snow scene and have little piles of snow on them in various locations. I simply glued some ground cover over the snow with white glue. It is starting to flake off and show the white underneath. They will have to be scraped clean, painted black and have ground cover re- applied. I will use some coarse turn the second time around to get more realistic looking growth.

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