Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ruin #6

The last ruin in the set, and by far my least favorite. This ruin is the tallest of them all and a pain to transport. It usually doesn't get to play and was the last one to be finished. Standard packaging foam construction with this one. Click pictures for larger views.

The original concept for this building was a "Y" shaped factory with the center blown away. I also wanted to give it some color to break up the gray of the set.

Each "node" of this building has a ladder running up its height. A cell phone antenna was added to the roof, as well as a battery connector. Various metal bits and pieces were added throughout as well. Standard sprue rubble and styrofoam chunks cover the area as well.

The concrete sections and metal bits recieved a very standard paint job. The main color of the building was chosen to be green. A dark green base was applied and this was drybrushed progressively lighter shades of green.

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