Monday, December 28, 2009

Small Landing Pads

The first thing I did was disassembled the toy and took all the cool electronic guts out. I then reassembled and glued the base to the model.

I added a plastic skull ring to the front for the proper techno- gothic look. Some GW Rhino tank bits were added as well. A hatch was used to plug the hole in the roof and a radar dish from the gun turrets was glued atop that. A Rhino rear hatch was added to the back of the structure to act as an access hatch (and to cover the hole that was there.) A handle made by bending floral wire into a "U" shape, drilling holes in the hatch and glueing into place. A plate was cut from carboard and glued over a large hole in the back. Seed beads were added to simulate rivets.

Each piece was primed black. Then each was drybrushed in either blue, brown or green and then additional and progressively lighter shades were drybrushed over those. The radar dish and skull were drybrushed silver. I left them unbased for two reasons: they are stable on their own, and without bases they can be used in a variety of environments.

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