Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Towers

I was thinking of ways to fill table space without using too many buildings and decided to add an industrial- style tower station. It takes up space, yet provides cover and is scalable by minis for multi- dimentional use.

The project was started by cutting the tops off of two saline bottles (for contact lenses) and sanding the edge down so they would sit evenly on the standard carboard base.

Cross- stitching mesh was cut and glued to the bottoms (which became the tops) to cover up the seams and recycling logo. Holes were cut into the sides of the bottles and bendy straws were pushed through them to create the requisite industrial pipes. Clothing snap studs were glued to the pipes to simulate valve handles.

The ladders were created by simply cutting a strip of wire fencing (the same stuff to be used for the perimeter fence) 4 squares wide. This width was appropriate for the size of the fencing I use. The center was cut out of the fence to create the rungs and the ends were bent 90 degrees in to attach to the tower. The ladders were superglued to the towers.

A walkway was cut from card to fit between the towers and then the towers and pipes were glued into place.

Cross stitching mesh was glued to the walkway. Railings were created for the walkway using matchsticks with the heads cut off glued to strips of card. The walkway was assembled and glued into place.

The fence was created using matchsticks for poles and wire fencing cut to size. A hole was cut into the back of the fence and a space in the front was left open for a gate. This allowed for movement through the area so it didn't become a death trap. The gate was created by glueing matchsticks to a square of fence. A hinge was made simply by wrapping small floral wire around the fence post and the gate section.

The sidewalk was created by cutting a shallow slit through the first layer of cardboard. A blunt pencil was then run through the slit to push the edges down and define each paver.

The piece was primed black. Two coats of textured paint were applyed to the base to give a concrete look. The towers were painted a light gray. The walkway deck and ladders were drybrushed silver, as well as the fence. The piece was given various washes, and any non silver parts were highlighted. The ground was drybrushed light grey.

The signs and logos were created on the computer, printed onto photo paper and glued in place.

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