Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Craters are a common battlefield occurance, and I wanted to make some for a long time. A lot of methods for making craters require you to make them out of clay or little triangles of off-cut foamcore. That takes way too long! Then I saw pie tin contaner craters and had to make some for myself! I made some minor changes to their method.

I started off by cleaning the tins out, and pushing down the centers with my fingers. Once they looked decent, I hot glued them to AOL CDs. They broke off right away, so I then superglued them down. I then brush painted them black. I couldn't get spray paint or PVA to stick to the metal without the black paint.

I then coated the crater in PVA and covered them with some regular old sand ( I got it from work; they use it on the walks in winter to keep the ice down.) When they were dry I painted them again with black paint. I then drybrushed them up, starting with a dark brown to a cream color.

I did make one crater out of clay and I used the same process as I did for the other craters. I think the pot pie craters look better, and they took less work.

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